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Get away from consensus

There is a particularly increased interest in blockchain technology today. Government and financial structures in many developed countries are trying to try it on for themselves. And the more they try on, the more flaws they find in it. One of the key constraints in its applicability to real life is that there is no single blockchain platform. There are many different blockchains, and they are usually sharpened for some kind of Bitcoin coin, Ether or some other. This situation is very similar to what was in computer networks in the pre-Internet era. Then, in order to forward a file from one network to another, it was necessary to know through which “gateways” to send. The Internet has become that single platform for disparate computer networks. Now the role of gateways is performed by crypto exchanges. But this solves only one of the tasks — the exchange of cryptocurrencies, and it does not help in any way to solve problems related to the economy or public administration. The choice of any one blockchain forces you to interact only with those who work on the same blockchain platform.

“Smart” and understandable

Another technology that big bets are placed on the use of in real life is smart contracts. The situation with smart contracts is the same as with blockchain. Firstly, they are tied to a particular blockchain, and therefore have technological limitations on processing speed. Secondly, they are not very “smart” — they are too primitive, they allow for the most part to perform only cryptocurrency operations and only with a coin tied to this blockchain. And thirdly, they are completely incomprehensible to the common man.



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