Flux Foreteller Season 1 — is it difficult to participate and what will be required of you?

4 min readSep 30, 2021


In this article, we will look at the rules for participation in the Flux Foreteller Season 1 program. Most likely, these rules will be relevant for the following seasons.

I have already told you about the program itself, the pros and cons of participating in it in this article (https://respectboris4646.medium.com/how-to-become-an-ambassador-of-the-flux-protocol-project-c63d51a59f1). Today I will tell you how participation in the program takes place, how much time should be spent on it and what skills are required. This information will be useful for both current and future participants, so that they can already assess their strength and time.

All activities are divided into 4 main blocks:

- Twitter activity
-writing articles/blogs about the protocol
-creating youtube videos
-creation of memes, infographics, tables

The first type of activity (Twitter) does not include any activity on Twitter, but only clearly established. So, first of all, you need to like and retweet all posts for the current week, mainly the Twitter account of the protocol (@fluxprotocol). In addition, you need to post three tweets every week: 1 tweet should tell some information about the protocol. In this tweet, it is only necessary to note the protocol itself (@fluxprotocol). 2 the tweet should be with a link to some well-known crypto project (for example, solana, avalanch) with a mention of the protocol. 3 the tweet should be with a link to a well-known person in the field of cryptocurrency.

The score of your tweets and the number of points you get depends on the number of likes and retweets.

Conclusion: the execution time of this task is 10–30 minutes. No special skills are required. Difficulty is easy.

The second activity is writing articles/blogs. There are no rules on size and quality here. Everything will be evaluated individually.

The main rule of all tasks is the absence of plagiarism and repetition. Your task is to create unique content. Also, the quantity of content is not important, but its quality is important, since the evaluation system is designed specifically for the quality of work. The penalty for plagiarism of content is a warning for the first time and blocking in the program in case of repeated violation.

Articles must be written in a clear language. You can write in your native language if it is explicitly allowed. For example, you can write articles in Russian. The amount of awards for articles is already much higher than just for Twitter.

Conclusion: the execution time of this task is 60–240 minutes. The skills of competent and interesting presentation and formatting of the text are required. The difficulty is high.

The third type of activity is creating videos on YouTube. In this activity, there are also no clear settings for the duration of the video. However, the video should not contain only a display of your screen. Preferably the presence of a live person on the video. It will be your creativity and the quality of content submission that will be evaluated. Awards are similar to the creation of articles

Conclusion: the execution time of this task is 60–360 minutes. Camera skills, editing, acting skills are required. The difficulty is high.

And the fourth type of activity is the creation of memes, infographics, tables. You can create any content related to the project here. The main rule is its uniqueness and usefulness. It is estimated to be a little less than videos and the creation of articles, but still more than just tweets.

Conclusion: the execution time of this task is 10–60 minutes. Skills of working with Photoshop or other image editors are required. The difficulty is average.

Each week lasts from Friday to Friday. On Friday, you must submit a final report on the work done. It is given up by filling out Google forms. Special forms for each week are published in the telegram channel for each week. Examples of forms for week 3:

They must be filled in: your email, telegram login, number of subscribers, links to works.

After submitting the content and checking it, the final results are published in the Google table:


In it you can see your final scores.

Conclusion: I have told you in detail the rules and procedure for participation in the program. Whether to participate or not is everyone’s choice. But I want to note that the project is very promising and promises not to leave its active members without a reward.

Here I will leave the main links to the project:

Website — https://www.fluxprotocol.org/
Twitter-https: / / twitter. com/fluxprotocol
Discord-https://discord. com/invite/sJUveAvJHf